A Simple Open Source Random Game Idea Generator

This generator will create a random game idea that contain a main Style then two Genres, two mechanics and finally a theme. and of course will finish everything up with a three random words. with two Awesome FEATURES.

1- Changeable Parts:

if you liked the whole Idea but not a single part :( it's ok, just click on it and IdeaRator will give you another word.

(Bold words are clickable)

2- The Copy button :

The Copy button will save the Idea to your clipboard and you can paste anywhere you want and when you save multiple Ideas they all stack in one big log so you could keep a list of them.

all you have to do:

1- Generate Ideas.

2- You find a SICK one.

3- Copy it.

4- Find another one.

5- Copy it too.

6- create a txt file on your Desktop.

7- Paste the ideas and save.

GitHub Code: https://github.com/FadrikAlexander/IdeaRator

My Video on the IdeaRator:

Install instructions

1- Un-zip the file.

2- Open "Unum Terram.exe"

3- Enjoy...


IdeaRator Win.rar 18 MB

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