Kingdoms Generator is a simple Program that procedurally generates kingdoms on a 2D tile-based Grid.

Each Kingdom has a central Castle, 2 city Centers and houses, and each kingdom will have a unique Royal Family Flag carrying the heritage of that family.

(I recommend the Win build for the full experience, the WebGL build is having some slows down)


use the WASD or Arrow Keys to move and the Mouse to Zoom In/Out.

Code and Algorithms:

- I used "The Game of Life algorithm" or "Conway Algorithm" to create the Land, rivers and the lakes. more info

- I used a backtracking Algorithm to create the walls of each Kingdom. more info

- I used a Flood Fill Algorithm to fill the walls and create the actual kingdoms.  more info

- I used a small noise pattern in a shape of a circle, with the close to the center the higher the chance, to plant the trees, mountains and even build the houses starting from one point. 

GitHub: Coming Soon...

Dev Logs:

Dev Log #1: How the Art is made for this project?

Dev Log #2: How dose this project works?

Install instructions

1- Un-zip the file.

2- Open "KingdomGenerator.exe"

3- Enjoy...


Kingdoms Generator Win v2.0.rar 17 MB

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