Unum Terram is the Latin word for one land, and in this game it's all you have available for you to  construct and deconstruct buildings to gain resources and juggle between your people professions.

be careful not to starve your people to death and always get your army ready to fight the enemy hordes.

The Tutorial and the relation between buildings:

The Controls are simple just click the button with mouse and it's Only One Button, The Left Click in the Mouse ;)

The full development process is on my Youtube channel:

Development PlayList

Tips and Trick: [Spoilers]

  1. You can Upgrade/Construct/Deconstruct as much as you like per turn as long as you the materials for.
  2. The Bigger your Army in the fight the more units you will get from the battle added to your kingdom army.
  3. Use our 10 years Cycle to your advantage, stock on food, upgrade some buildings and ready your army.
  4. Start building the army in the last 3 turns
  5. You have to stock ton of food preparing to the EndGame

Install instructions

1- Un-zip the file.

2- Open "Unum Terram.exe"

3- Enjoy...


Unum Terram Win.rar 20 MB


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I broke the game :X
Clicked on end turn and an error appeared :D

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yeah sadly I didn't link the text that said Victory to the script so when you reach the turn 100 and win the game it'll crash with an exception hhhhh but Congratulation man, how many tries it took you?

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Oh ok. Well it took me few times to understand how the game works. Probably 10 times I failed at the first turn and the second. After that I noticed that the villagers disappeared after the battle, which I didn't understand why. After 3 times I checked at the tutorial and realized the connection between the weat, villagers and swordsman. So yeah, the tutorial did actually help and I managed to finish the game.

Very interesting game... once you grasp it. Took me about 10 tries and straight up minutes of looking at the tutorial flowchart to get it, it's a master class in cryptography :D
But after that hurdle, it's a very nice management game, I liked it a lot.

Thanks mate

Very cool game ! Unfortunately, when you figure out the strategy, it's over... But there is potential for more ! :)

Thanks for playing <3 yeah the fun part is figuring it out 

Enjoyed the game,very much! Thx!

Thanks mate, glad you liked it

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(final score: made it to round 5)

very nice puzzle. good graphics keeps me here longer than i anticipated. 

solving the demand/supply puzzle is quite fun, although there is no room for mistakes, so i need to strategize to keep a population growth every turn (or i lose directly after 2 cycles)

ui design is kind of messy though.

1. the back button at the tutorial sheet is so obscure that i spent significant time looking for it.

2. too many numbers on the same screen. i spent 3lives dying to unknown reasons before understanding what my aim is. perhaps replace the (sand watch?) thing with a notched timeline (with the enemy icon plus enemy size walking along the timeline)

still liking this game despite the suggestions made above. a very nicely crafted piece with minor stuff that probably didn't make it into this time-limited project

Thanks for Playing and for the feedback.

a fun story the back button was a simple back word in a button but I said why not carve an arrow into a wooden button I guess I failed in that hhhh

simply giving it a colored background will change things drastically
Or use a wooden board graphics to make it stand out

yeah I messed up in that part hhh